The staging of the “Marienvesper”, Monteverdi’s “Vespers of the Blessed Virgin”, in the Jesuit Church in Lucerne revolves around the dynamic interplay of music, dance and spatial experience. Kostas Murkudis’ built-in components, especially designed for the “Marienvesper”, restructure the sacred space and create a multi-dimensional stage on which the 13 instrumentalists, nine singers and eleven dancers as well as an audience of up to 300 people can move freely.

The choreography of the musicians enables a spatial experience of the music. With the movement of the “sound sources”, the “Marienvesper” unfold into the space, so that the listeners can “follow” each single voice. The choreography of the dancers reinforces the sensation of listening to the music and gives it a timbre or a tactile level. Thus, a multisensory overall experience is possible that appeals to all the senses: The staging in the room creates the conditions for a physical experience and a differentiated listening to one of Monteverdi’s most outstanding works, and enables a collaborative experience in the interplay of word, sound and movement.

The different spatial levels offer different perspectives on the scenery and the participants. This dynamic way of staging allows for a fundamental reflection on what community is and can be. How do I relate to other people? To my neighbour in the audience? Which role do I take?

The Jesuit Church lends the staging an additional spiritual dimension: In the church, the performance can become a liturgical installation. Given that the seating of churches only became common in the Reformation era (starting from Protestant territories), this form of performance in a way approximates the work to old forms of church services.

Director of Music

Olof Boman


Sebastian Matthias


Kostas Murkudis


Marc Hostettler


Laura Schmidt

Rehearsal Director Music

Rolando Garza Rodriguéz


Ieva Saliete

Choreographic Assistant

Déborah Hofstetter, Harumi Terayama

Assistant Director/Stage Manager

Lennart Hantke

Costume Assistant

Moana Lehmann

Stage Design Assistant

Stephan Wespi

Dramaturgical Advice

Mira Moschallski

Rehearsal Assistant Dance

Zoran Markovic

Production Manager

Karin Gurtner

Technical Production Manager

Julius Hahn

Opera Ensemble Theatre Lucerne

Sopran 1

Diana Schnürpel

Sopran 2

Magdalena Risberg

Mezzosopran 1

Karin Torbjörnsdóttir

Mezzosopran 2

Sarah Alexandra Hudarew

Tenor 1

Denzil Delaere

Tenor 2

Robert Maszl

Bariton 1

Bert Ola Volungholen

Bariton 2

Jason Cox


Vuyani Mlinde

Dance Theatre Lucerne

Martina Consoli, Dario Dinuzzi, Shota Inoue, Rachel Lawrence, Olivia Lecompte, Dor Mamalia, Salome Martins, Enrique Saez Martinéz, Andrea Thompson, Tom van de Ven, Déborah Hofstetter (Guest)

Artistic Director Dance Theatre Lucerne

Kathleen McNurney

Les Passions de l'Ame


Meret Lüthi, Sabine Stoffer


Matthias Jäggi

Viola da Gamba / Lirone

Matthias Müller


Love Persson


Ieva Saliete

Lute 1

Juan Sebastian Lima

Lute 2

Vincent Flückiger


Frithjof Smith, Gebhard David


Simen van Mechelen, Detlef Reimers, Tobias Hildebrandt/Justin Clark

Professional Audiences

Stefanie Bachmann, Erwin Bestechen, Ursula Brunner, Martin Bütler, Vera Bruggmann, Helen Jäger, Verena Manser, Hannah Marti, Johannes Otto, Karin Petter, Stella Pfeiffer, Marco Schmidt, Vernesa Spahia, Karina Herrera Süess, Birgit Thoma, Nora Wagner, Hans Woodtli, Lukas Wisst

Produced by

Theatre Lucerne