The medical term “tremor” describes a physiological state in which there is an apparently immovable body; antagonistic groups of muscles constrict in a stable, high frequency rhythm. The choreography TREMOR abstracts movement sequences from their function and examines their specific intensities and characteristics. Eight of these qualities of movement, such as swing and fall, generate the foundation of the choreographic composition. The engagement in such qualities of movement allows for the attempt of a direct and even sensual exploration of dance. This dimension is accentuated by the sound-installation from Jassem Hindi, which establishes the stage as an acoustic body.

Kerstin Evert, Jurymember Tanzplattform 2012 about “Tremor”:

“The physical intensity of the production “Tremor” from the young choreographer Sebastian Matthias emerges from the intensive research on movement and the complex choreographic overlay in the bodies of the dancers. Swinging, Shaking, Falling –Tremor analyzes the qualitative potential of these movements. Beyond of textual adscriptions the Choreography develops its enormous suggestive impact through the change of muscle tension and dynamics. Sebastian Matthias defines on his own way the term “artistic research” through and with the body and generates an individual and innovative system of choreographic movement creations. This choreographic approach of abstraction opens the way of intensive sensual moments for its audience on the highest dancing level.”

A produktion by K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg in coproduction with Dampfzentrale Bern. Funded by: Hamburgische Kulturstiftung.

Concept / Choreography

Sebastian Matthias with Lisanne Goodhue, Isaac Spencer and Anna Wehsarg


Sebastian Matthias (2011– 2012), Lisanne Goodhue, Isaac Spencer, Liz Waterhouse (2012 – 2013)


Jassem Hindi


Nina Witkiewicz


Henning Eggerts


Dorothea Griesbach


Markus Both, Sebastian Matthias


Katarina Kleinschmidt, Marcus Dross


Arne Schmitt


10.11.2010 K3 - Zentrum für Choreographie – Tanzplan Hamburg