As inhabitants of cities we are constantly moving within a daily choreography that goes far beyond a planned order. Relations between gazes and actions are crossing over and keep creating new constellations that alter the whole environment with such complexity that no overview can be made. These dynamic organisational structures of urban spaces tackle questions that help to think choreography and participation in a new and different way. What kind of performative assemblies can we create together and how can the audience support the choreography without becoming performers themselves?

In maneuvers / groove space, the second part of the 3 year research and performance series, Sebastian Matthias’s Berlin based team of dancers meets Swiss performance artist Nino Baumgartner in Zürich. In his tactical performance actions (maneuvers) he constantly crosses and reorganises the space. In this setting, Paul Norman explores the creation and support of comfort through his live performed composition. Together, maneuvers, dance and sound are looking for their resonance with the urban groove that surrounds them.

Produced by Sebastian Matthias in Coproduction with Gessnerallee Zürich.
Funded by Stadt Zürich Kultur, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich and Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art.
The Basel version of maneuvers / groove space at Museum Tinguely was coproduced by Kaserne Basel and Museum Tinguely Basel and funded by Migros Basel, Kanton Basel-Stadt and Kanton Basel-Landschaft.

Choreography, Concept

Sebastian Matthias

Co-Choreography, Dance

Jubal Battisti, Lisanne Goodhue, Kiriakos Hadjiioannou, Isaac Spencer, Harumi Terayama, Deborah Hofstetter


Paul Norman


Nino Baumgartner


Judith Steinmann


Jubal Battisti

Light/Technical Direction

Arne Schmitt


Mira Moschallski, Marcus Droß, Jan Burkhardt


Juliane Wieland

Production management

Josefine Stähli


06.11.2014 Südbühne Gessneralle Zürich