After productions in Berlin and Zurich, the Freiburg based “chorus / groove space” is the third part of the “groove space” series, in which Sebastian Matthias and his team explore the specific physicality of different cities.

How do the rhythm and the tempo of a city inscribe themselves into the choreography, and what is specific about each city? In Freiburg, Sebastian Matthias translates the groove of the city onto the big stage of the theatre and creates a space that dancers, audiences and a choir of 15 amateurs share with each other. Accompanied by household appliances, the choir will perform a composition based on Theater Freiburg’s opera repertory by Michael Wolters, who has also composed the music for “Danserye” (2013).

Choreography / Concept

Sebastian Matthias

Co-Choreography / Dance

Jubal Battisti, Lisanne Goodhue, Isaac Spencer, Harumi Terayama, Deborah Hofstetter


Balduin Bollin, Mahtilda Bonte, Dagny Bosdorf, Léo Collin, Fiona Combosch, Vera Förschner, Simon Goff, Charlotte Kersting, Marie Christine Köberlein, Angélique Lebrun, Johanna Moor, Cecelia Morath, Aggeliki Papadatou, Helena Steiner, Peter Weisser


Michael Wolters


Marie Perglerova


Markus Bönzli

Production Dramaturgy

Mira Moschallski

Dramaturgical Advice

Anne Kersting, Inga Wagner

Assistant Director

Sara-Lena Möllenkamp

Assistant Composition

Paul Norman

Assistant Choreography

Deborah Hofstetter

Assistant Costume

Johannes Storch

Stage Management

Petra Stöver

Artistic Production Management

Ann-Christin Görtz


16.07.2015 Theater Freiburg, Großes Haus