Harumi Terayama and Jubal Battisti have been producing update videos starting with “synekism / groove space” in July 2014. The idea for this video format is based on Sebastian Matthias’ aim in the groove space series to share not only the performance as a „finished work“ with the audience, but to include them as local co-researchers, to invite them to showings during the rehearsals and to try to show more than one „groove space“ performance per city. This way, audiences can choose the extent of their involvement with our work and are offered different reference points for experiencing and perceiving it.

In collaboration with Sebastian Matthias, the update videos by video editor Harumi Terayama and photographer/videographer Jubal Battisti, both dancers in the „groove space“ series, have been developed in an attempt to continue this concept in the presentation of our work online: to not only share images and footage of performances, but to make the research process equally accessible not only for our local group of co-researchers and audiences, but for a wider public.

The update videos are meant to clarify and communicate our research, questions, and findings within the “groove space” performance series. Usually produced bi-weekly in each process, the videos serve multiple purposes.  They have become akin to a visual diary for the team, as well as a way of cataloguing the research.  In addition, the videos are intended to serve as a guidebook for any interested audience: mapping and detailing our discoveries as we work. The footage is documentary in nature, simply recording rehearsals and experiments made through our methodology. Through the editing process, Harumi attempts to find the clearest way to present illustrations of the concepts and qualities on which we finally settle.

Isaac Spencer, a groove space dancer, and dramaturge Mira Moschallski help to refine the language and terms used in the videos.