Artists from different disciplines are involved from the beginning of the process. Together we look for ways to amplify the choreographic aims and create the spaces in which they can be realised. Spatial or sound design, composition, costume, light design and live music can support the shared somatic experience between audience and performers. By engaging in questions concerning participation, perception, form, body, groove a.s.o. in their respective art forms, collaborators stimulate and challenge our practice.

Diego Agullo
Awst & Walther
Irwan Ahmet
Malika Ali
Nino Baumgartner
Eva Berendes 
Phillip Bergmann
Jan Burckhardt
Oliver Clark
Cut and Rescue
Ensemble Resonanz
Bernhard Fograscher
Simon Ralph Goff
Dorothea Griesbach
Kiriakos Hadjiioannou
Christoph Hahn
Martin Hansen
Iswanto Hartono
Jassem Hindi
Michelle Holloway
IKAT Indonesia by Didier Maulana
Katarina Kleinschmidt
Oskar Landström
Johanna Martensson
Jack McNeill 
Andrea Niederbuchner
David Nondorf
Paul Norman 
Tamer Fahri Özgönenc
Marie Peglerova
Anne Rudelbach
Tanja Rühl
Tita Salina
Arne Schmitt
Judith Steinmann
Madeleine Tell
Liz Waterhouse
Anna Wehsarg
Nina Irina Wietkiewicz
Jonas Paul Wilisch
Michael Wolters
Idan Yoav